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Wir freuen uns auf Ihren virtuellen Besuch und informieren Sie gerne über unsere neuesten digitalen Produkte rund um das Thema “Flug”.

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AgentPlus NDC booking platform with Air France-KLM fares

Air France-KLM certifies HitchHiker for NDC booking of its private fares

In June 2018, Air France-KLM certified the NDC connection of the Frankfurt software company HitchHiker for the first time. Now the functional scope of the interface has been expanded to include other important fare types.

Recently certified fare types are the airline’s private fares. They include both tour operator, consolidator and “visit friends and relatives” fares.

HitchHiker now also supports bookings with account or corporate code. This enhancement should be of particular interest to business travel agents who want to save the airline’s additional Distribution Cost Charge applied on GDS bookings.

“We are pleased to be one of the first IT providers worldwide to be able to provide the private fares of Air France and KLM via NDC and offer tour operators, wholesalers and business travel agencies real added value through our direct connection,” comments Managing Director Thomas Boffo on the cooperation.

“In these difficult times for our industry, it is important that we focus on our priorities and continue to invest in strategic development areas such as NDC. In this context it is great to see that HitchHiker is one of the first providers of software solutions for the international travel industry to offer the opportunity to distribute our private fares. This is an important step to further support our joint customers”, explains Stefan Gumuseli, General Manager Germany at Air France-KLM.

The airline’s private, corporate and published fares can be booked via the HitchHiker Flight API and the AgentPlus booking platform. For the subsequent management and processing of all bookings, HitchHiker provides a Booking Manager, through which NDC bookings can be processed just as easily as GDS bookings made using the HitchHiker system.

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HitchHiker becomes NDC technology partner of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is driving its NDC program, called KrisConnect, forward in order to offer its customers a better user experience on the portals of its connected distribution partners. Now, HitchHiker users can also benefit from this program.

In the future, agencies connected via NDC will have access to the airline’s expanded fare content. Further highlights include the ability to offer their customers tailor-made products, such as branded fares, as well as negotiated fares and an accelerated time-to-market for these offers.

Together with HitchHiker, Singapore Airlines is also expanding its network of technology partners and NDC aggregators to enable agencies to easily connect to the airline’s NDC program.

From now on, agencies can use the HitchHiker Flight API to book Singapore Airlines flights, seats, baggage and ancillaries via the NDC format. HitchHiker’s interface also supports calendar shopping, credit card payments, rebooking and cancellations.

In the next step, both companies plan to facilitate automatic notification of the agents e.g. in the event of a schedule change.

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Aegean and Olympic Air available through the HitchHiker Flight API

Based on the current NDC standard, HitchHiker Flight API users can now also connect to Greece’s largest airline, AEGEAN and its subsidiary, OLYMPIC AIR. Additionally, OLYMPIC AIR is exclusively available through direct channels and API connections.

With hubs in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larnaca, Heraklion, Rhodes and Kalamata, both airlines serve combined a route network of currently 113 scheduled destinations. This includes 29 Greek domestic destinations on the mainland and many popular islands.

Additionally, 84 international scheduled destinations are offered mainly in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, but also with 21 codeshare agreements North America, Australia and Asia.

With this, the airlines are following their mission and “travel passengers through an extensive network of destinations, which connects every corner of Greece and Greece with the world.”

AEGEAN and OLYMPIC AIR flights booked through HitchHiker’s Flight API are settled via BSP or a Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard) on Airline’s Stock. Functions for seat reservation, booking ancillary services, as well as modifying & cancelling bookings are also supported.

The Star Alliance members also offer the opportunity to earn miles through the Miles+Bonus program when flying AEGEAN. 

Further information on the cooperation can be obtained by telephone under +49 69 507030 or by e-mail to

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HitchHiker connects Chinese technology provider WETKT

WETKT is a young and rapidly growing technology company based in Hong Kong, who will make its content available through the HitchHiker Flight API with immediate effect.

Through cooperation with numerous leading wholesalers, OTAs and airlines within China, WETKT provides its customers with access to exclusive discounts and special fares for local airlines. These airlines include for instance China Eastern, China Southern and Hainan Airlines as well as 36 additional airlines serving both Chinese domestic and international routes.

With WETKT, HitchHiker gains another strong, local partner in Asia, who guarantees not only the ability to book a large number of regional airlines, but also high service quality through an experienced 24/7 helpdesk with good English language skills.

Further information on the new collaboration can be requested by telephone (+49 69 507030) or by sending an e-mail to

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HitchHiker cooperates with Latin American consolidator GDX Travel

German travel technology specialist HitchHiker announces its cooperation with the leading Latin American consolidator GDX Travel. The joint agreement will enable all HitchHiker customers not only within Germany but worldwide to benefit from the most inexpensive local fares of 25 Latin American regional and low-cost carriers.

GDX’s airline partners are based in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the Caribbean, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Panama, covering all of the main airports and route networks across the Latin American region. The integration of the GDX API in HitchHikers shopping solutions will allow centralized shopping, booking and payment for all carriers either by pre-paid means or by credit card. To ensure a quick response time and a high booking rate, GDX exclusively holds direct API connections to their partner airlines.

James Figueroa, CEO at GDX, said: “We’ve really been looking forward for this strategic partnership with HitchHiker to take off. We are certain that we will add value to HitchHiker partners that want to cover the Latin American region with just one connection. This one-time connection will give them access to the most exclusive and valuable content as well as to the best local fares for these airlines. We are very excited to start working together with HitchHiker and its partners.

The cooperation with regional market leaders like GDX Travel enables not only a rapid but a more sustainable expansion of our offer to the users of our shopping solutions. Through the smart booking logic within the HitchHiker Flight API our users will be able to combine GDX flight content with other fare sources, such as our LCC, NDC and GDS connections“, comments HitchHiker’s Managing Director, Thomas Boffo, on the collaboration.

To enable dynamic packaging of GDX content with other travel services, both companies have also agreed on the provision of cache data.

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HitchHiker receives IATA NDC Level 3 certification

Frankfurt based software manufacturer HitchHiker has recently achieved Level 3 certification by the International Air Transport Association, which is currently the highest level for IT service providers and officially demonstrates its long-term commitment to IATA’s “New Distribution Capability” program.

IATA’s “NDC Capable” Level 3 certification confirms that HitchHiker can send and receive offer and order management related messages in NDC format. This includes API commands for fare and availability queries, bookings with immediate ticketing, on-hold bookings with subsequent ticketing, credit card & BSP/ARC payments, re-bookings, cancellations and ticket refunds as well as seat map retrieval including availability and prices.

“Our customers are mainly online travel agencies, tour operators and business travel companies with an affinity for technology, who already rely on our years of experience with direct connections to airline systems of low-cost carriers and who are now also increasingly opting to book full-service carriers through their own NDC interfaces. The focus of this decision is mainly on the competitive advantage through attractively priced offers, low distribution system costs and additional revenues from the sale of ancillaries.

Today, we already cooperate with a number of well-known NDC airlines. Our objective is to provide a standardized interface that aggregates existing NDC interfaces, which equalizes differences between the format versions used by the respective airlines and which facilitates our customers transition to NDC through a simplified implementation process,” explains Thomas Boffo, Managing Director of HitchHiker GmbH.

The certification by the IATA also represents an important first step in positioning HitchHiker also as a service provider for airlines, which will include the implementation and hosting of NDC interfaces for airlines very shortly.

IATA NDC Capable Level 3

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HitchHiker connects Chinese flight content via Flightroutes24

Direct connections to Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, numerous Chinese low-cost airlines and access to the Travelsky GDS are the main motives for the cooperation between German software house HitchHiker and Flightroutes24, a leading Chinese consolidator.

HitchHiker has gained another local cooperation partner in Flightroutes24, which now offers users of HitchHiker’s Flight API and Agent application the possibility to access a comprehensive range of Chinese domestic and international bargain flights from China and Hong Kong.

Flightroutes24 is one of the leading international air ticket wholesalers based in Mainland China and in Hong Kong. The company is part of the Meituan-Dianping Group, China’s largest and rapidly growing “online-to-offline” e-commerce group, which currently provides 600 million active users with a wide range of services, such as food deliveries or rental bikes, as well as a broad range of travel services.

“The cooperation with HitchHiker not only expands our exposure within Germany and Europe, we also hope that the partnership will mutually develop our businesses and enhance our products to generate the greatest value for our customers”,

Nancy Zhou, Senior Director of Business Development of Flightroutes24 Travel Company Limited, comments on the cooperation.

Flightroutes24 provides both negotiated, public and market-specific fares from scheduled airlines as well as fares from regional low-cost airlines such as 9 Air, Eastar Jet, Juneyao Airlines, Lucky Air, Spring Airlines, Urumqi Air and China West Air.

Through this cooperation, HitchHiker is expanding its services for OTAs, travel agencies and tour operators with customers or destinations in China.

About HitchHiker GmbH

HitchHiker GmbH is a leading and independent provider of software solutions for the global travel industry based in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. Founded in 1991, HitchHiker has developed solutions for the entire airfare management and ticketing process as well as powerful online booking solutions for all types of flights and ancillaries. HitchHiker’s customers in 27 countries comprise some of the leading online and traditional travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, travel management companies and airlines worldwide.

Press Contact:

Uta Will
Marketing Manager

HitchHiker GmbH
Berner Str. 81, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Telephon: + 49 (69) 50 70 30

About Flightroutes24

Flightroutes24 is one of the biggest B2B global air ticket consolidators based in mainland China and Hong Kong, it is part of the Meituan-Dianping Group, China’s largest online-to-offline e-commerce group.

About Meituan-Dianping

As the leading local service e-commerce platform with the largest market transactions, Meituan-Dianping has over 600 million users and 4.5 million business partners providing various services, covering over 2800 cities in China and the world.

Backed by 600 million users from Meituan-Dianping, Meituan Travel already had a total of 100 million users by April, 2017. Meituan Travel’s accommodation booking surpassed 200 million, and sold over 100 million attraction tickets in 2017. YoY growth of trains and flights exceeded 300%.

With strong support from Meituan-Dianping, Flightroutes24 aims to provide business partners with the safest, most reliable products and services as well as great opportunities to explore the Chinese market.

Press Contact:

April Li

Room 525, No.9 Keji Road, High-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephon: +86 (755) 2660 2132 (ext: 810)
Wechat: joker425

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HitchHiker flight content available on

In order to offer a wider range of international flights on Fliggy, one of Chinas leading online travel malls, Chinese travel agency Wangyi has signed an agreement with German software and content provider HitchHiker.

As of late, travellers departing out of China will have access to a wider range of available flights provided by HitchHiker through, the travel division of China’s leading market place Alibaba.

As a content provider, HitchHiker aggregates content from 120 direct airline connections and various wholesalers. Wangyi air tickets service co., LTD is an IATA accredited travel agency based in Chongqing and a store partner of, who acts as a merchant for HitchHiker’s flight content.

Today, the scope of the cooperation between HitchHiker and Wangyi includes online booking of Asian low-cost carriers such as Hong Kong Express, Jetstar and Scoot but also airlines outside of Asia such as the Romanian carrier Blue Air and the Dutch Transavia. Further international carriers like British Airways, TUI fly Belgium and Canada’s Porter Airlines and others will follow soon.

Wholesale content from local agents is supposed to broaden the range of available bargain airfares for Chinese travellers even more.

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HitchHiker Fare Deals for IATA and non-IATA Agencies

HitchHiker expands its product range for travel agencies and tour operators – with and without an own IATA license – by adding the bargain “Fare Deals”. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the Berlin based software company and ticket wholesaler BERlogic.

German software manufacturer HitchHiker GmbH develops and operates booking technology for the tourism industry that aggregates flight data from different third-party systems. These solutions were primarily developed for (online) travel agencies, business travel agencies and tour operators with an own IATA license.

“Beyond our traditional role as software solution provider, we mainly consider ourselves as content provider for the tourism industry. During recent years, we’ve hence repeatedly received requests for available bargain “flight content” and fulfillment services from agencies without an IATA license. Moreover, our prospective customers from China, Asia and the Middle East are increasingly looking for content outside of their own home region. Until now, we were solely able to offer them the content of our approx. 120 direct airline connections. The Fare Deals, which we currently offer together with our partner BERlogic, enable us to significantly expand the range of services for this target group. Beside that, our highly competitive Fare Deals could also be of interest to our existing customers,” explains Jörg Götz, Senior Sales Manager at HitchHiker GmbH.

BERlogic does not only supply flight content from the major GDS’ (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport) but also special rates for many routes and airlines (such as Eurowings) and a comprehensive content for the Russian region, which currently includes 76 airlines which are not available in traditional GDS’s, such as Pobeda Airlines LLC. In addition, Lufthansa tickets may be ordered without Lufthansa’s “Distribution Cost Charge”, applicable to all GDS bookings.

The HitchHiker Fare Deals can be accessed via a web service interface (HitchHiker Flight API) and soon also via the B2B booking platform (HitchHiker Agent). Existing HitchHiker customers can simply request to book the new “Fare Deals” via the existing HitchHiker group account. But it is also possible to request a separate agent account at BERlogic, which enables the collection of revenue-based incentives.

Fees for booking and ticket delivery by BERlogic are already included in the airfare, which can be paid by credit card. Moreover, the Berlin based Call Center offers amendment and cancellation services for all flights booked under this cooperation agreement.

About HitchHiker GmbH

HitchHiker GmbH is a leading and independent provider of software solutions for the global travel industry, based in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. With 25 years of experience in the tourism industry and numerous international projects, HitchHiker has developed solutions for the entire airfare management and ticketing process as well as powerful online booking solutions for all types of flights and ancillaries. HitchHiker’s customers in 27 countries comprise some of the leading online and traditional travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, travel management companies and airlines worldwide. For the development of its solutions HitchHiker trusts in industry standards such as Microsoft technology. HitchHiker has once again attained Microsoft Gold Application Development competency and is compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Press contact:

Uta Will
Marketing Manager
T: + 49 (69) 50 70 3 0

About BERlogic GmbH

Founded in 2012, BERlogic aims to bring people together with the help of technologies. BERlogic plays the role of connector and consolidator between the suppliers and distributors of air transportation content and travel-related services. BERlogic focuses on providing high-quality services and customer support, along with development and improvement of its products. Clients are of high priority for BERlogic, and employees are the greatest asset.

Press contact:

Aron Lutrin
Sales Director
T: + 49 (30) 983 208 852

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