HitchHiker enhances payment security with eNett VANs

HitchHiker, the Travel Software Company based in Frankfurt am Main, improves its flight booking engines and ticket automation solution by offering seamless supplier payments through eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VANs).

To provide the most efficient and secure way of supplier payments to its users in more than 50 countries worldwide, HitchHiker – PCI-DSS approved since 2013 – has teamed up with eNett International, a global provider of dedicated payment solutions for the travel industry.

The eNett Payments Platform automatically generates a unique MasterCard VAN for each payment transaction or booking. As long as a supplier accepts MasterCard, it will accept a VAN. Under the MasterCard guarantee, VANs reduce the risk of losses due to supplier default (e.g. bankruptcy of an airline) and fraud.

In addition to increased security, VAN payments cut time and save money for all parties involved in processing supplier payments. Each VAN transaction is automatically reconciled in real time, by matching each booking with its corresponding virtual card number. Detailed reports can also be generated, providing transparency for each payment.

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