HitchHiker scheduled flights can now be booked via the Peakwork Booking Hub

Peakwork has chosen the Flight API provided by HitchHiker to provide a scheduled flights module for all established GDS’. The module will be included as an interface within the Peakwork Booking Hub.

Tour operators will soon be able to perform availability checks and make bookings of scheduled flight and hotel components as dynamic packages via the Peakwork Booking Hub. The HitchHiker interface for each GDS provider is available via the HitchHiker Flight API, which is already being used by 45 tour operators, portals and consolidators as well as numerous agencies.

Using the HitchHiker Flight API, Peakwork can successfully connect to all established GDS’ as a hosted service. The Multi-GDS functionality of the Flight API allows tour operators to book their scheduled flights on the GDS of their choice and at the same time benefit from the on-going updating and improvements to the API.

Tour operators have two options for booking scheduled flights: a validated availability request and a validated availability request followed directly by a booking in the GDS.

The new functionality will be available in the Peakwork Booking Hub in October 2013 and will provide Tour Operators with a seamless and effective route to booking scheduled flights.


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