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HitchHiker cooperates with Latin American consolidator GDX Travel

German travel technology specialist HitchHiker announces its cooperation with the leading Latin American consolidator GDX Travel. The joint agreement will enable all HitchHiker customers not only within Germany but worldwide to benefit from the most inexpensive local fares of 25 Latin American regional and low-cost carriers.

GDX’s airline partners are based in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the Caribbean, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Panama, covering all of the main airports and route networks across the Latin American region. The integration of the GDX API in HitchHikers shopping solutions will allow centralized shopping, booking and payment for all carriers either by pre-paid means or by credit card. To ensure a quick response time and a high booking rate, GDX exclusively holds direct API connections to their partner airlines.

James Figueroa, CEO at GDX, said: “We’ve really been looking forward for this strategic partnership with HitchHiker to take off. We are certain that we will add value to HitchHiker partners that want to cover the Latin American region with just one connection. This one-time connection will give them access to the most exclusive and valuable content as well as to the best local fares for these airlines. We are very excited to start working together with HitchHiker and its partners.

The cooperation with regional market leaders like GDX Travel enables not only a rapid but a more sustainable expansion of our offer to the users of our shopping solutions. Through the smart booking logic within the HitchHiker Flight API our users will be able to combine GDX flight content with other fare sources, such as our LCC, NDC and GDS connections“, comments HitchHiker’s Managing Director, Thomas Boffo, on the collaboration.

To enable dynamic packaging of GDX content with other travel services, both companies have also agreed on the provision of cache data.

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