AgentPlus Roadmap

Q4 / 2019

Release 1: Book, View, Cancel & Ticket

  • Search and booking function for:
    • NDC Airlines ( LH Group, A3, AF, BA, DE, EK, BE, IB, KL, DY, OA, SQ, VY)
    • Low-Cost Carriers
    • All major GDS
    • International wholesale content
  • View, ticket and cancel all types of bookings
  • Branded Fares support
  • Rule definition for supplier selection during the search and booking process
  • Sales preferences settings
  • Calculation of service fees or discounts (on web, branch or agency level)
  • Supplier payments via (virtual) credit card payments, agency collection and GDS payment methods available
  • Back-office file
  • Management of agency accesses and settings (multi-client capability)
Q1 / 2020

Release 2: Manage Your Booking

  • Rebooking
  • Add ancillary services to a booking
  • Add a seat reservation to a booking via a GUI


Q2 / 2020

Release 3: More Fares & Allotments

  • Booking of allotments and group bookings
  • Net fares query and booking for Flight Entry users
  • Virtual Interlining (mix fare types)


Q3 / 2020

Release 4: Business Travellers

  • Back office integration (Midoco)
  • Traveller profiles (Umbrella Faces)
  • Enhanced corporate fares support
  • Additional payment workflows