Why should I choose HitchHiker?
There are many good reasons to choose HitchHiker as your flight technology provider. Here are the four most important ones:

1. Experience: HitchHiker looks back on 28 years of experience in developing software solutions for the travel industry. During this time we have developed a very broad spectrum of solutions and tools for the sale of flights and the automation of internal processes.

2. Content: HitchHiker gives you access to one of the most comprehensive flight content in the world. This includes connections to 6 GDS, more than 120 low-cost and scheduled airlines and well-known wholesalers. This saves you considerable time and money compared to the connection and maintenance of individual interfaces.

3. NDC capability: We say "Yes" to the new industry standard and already provide you with certified access to approx. 20 NDC airlines. This means you too can benefit from exclusive fare offers and additional services (ancillaries), branded fares and incentives, or save up to EUR 11 per segment on the GDS fees charged by some airlines.

4. Service: In addition to hosting the system in a modern, secure and scalable hosting center, we are also happy to take on individual development orders for our customers. During the implementation and operation of our system, our friendly and competent support team is always at your side with help and advice. 
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